Today we’re reviewing the top 5 safest hoverboards for sale.

So let’s get started…

With Electric Hoverboards becoming more and more popular it is important to not only pick the fastest or coolest choice, but also, the safest choice! These fun gadgets provide a new mode of transportation allowing you to steer by leaning, and control your movement speed with shifts in your body.

While there are dozens of Hoverboards to choose from in today’s list we will be looking at the top 5 safest hoverboards for sale today! By narrowing your search to only the top brands, we are certain you will find the right choice!

The Top 5 Safest Hoverboards

Some features to consider as you shop for your new hoverboard would be:

  • Hoverboards top speed
  • Travel distance
  • Hoverboards charge time
  • Safety features
  • Control and level of use
  • Additional settings and features which may be unique to that Hoverboard

5. EPIKGO Self Balancing Hoverboard – Our Top Pick

30 Second Overview

  • Top speed: 7.5mph
  • Travel distance: ~12miles/charge
  • Motors: 400W
  • Charge time: 2 hrs
  • Safety Features: UL2272 Certified, UL2271 Certified Smart Battery
  • Wheel Size: 23 x 7 x 7 inches
  • Max Load: 240lbs
  • Rating:

In Depth Review

When it comes to the top safest hoverboard on our list Epikgo’s Self Balancing Hoverboard is sure to take the #1 spot! While this hoverboard is definitely not the cheapest on our list it for sure pays off with all the features it comes with.

First off let’s talk safety, Epikgo’s Self Balancing Hoverboard is UL2272 Certified with a UL2271 Certified Smart Battery inside. What does this mean? Well it means that this hoverboard managed to pass over 159 safety tests to ensure safety and fire regulations. No fire hazards = happy and safe riding!

Epikgo’s Self Balancing hoverboard also comes with two 400W motors which help it climb slops as steep as 18 degrees and last over one hour over a 12 mile range! When it’s out of juice give it 2 hours to change and it will be ready to go again! That’s all on one single charge making it the most powerful hoverboard on the market!

To top this ideal choice off it is also nearly 2x more powerful and 30% larger then many of its competitors out there. Allowing for more foot control, more stability, more safety, and more fun.

  • Very durable
  • Multi-terrain
  • 2x more powerful then most competitors
  • One year warranty
  • Higher price range
  • Durable plastic, but not indestructible

4. Razor Hovertrax Hoverboard 2.0 – Runner Up

30 Second Overview

  • Top speed: 8+mph
  • Travel distance: ~12miles/charge
  • Motors: 350W
  • Charge time: 4 hrs
  • Safety Features: UL2272 Certified
  • Wheel Size: 24.5 x 9 x 8.75 inches
  • Max Load: 220lbs
  • Rating:

In Depth Review

The second hoverboard on our list comes from a brand that is very well known, Razor. Razor’s new Hovertrax Hoverboard 2.0 is an improvement from their first model and it also comes packed with safety features to ensure the safety and fun of its users. This is your best choice if you are looking for a hoverboard made by a company with years in the industry knowing what they are doing, and knowing how to keep your safety their #1 priority!

This hoverboard is also UL 2272 certified ensuring that the patented Razor Hovertrax 2.0 meets the industry’s highest electrical safety standards. To top its safety features off it is the world smartest electrical hoverboard being produced by the trusted global leader in electric recreational products. With that said, safety is one box that is checked off.

Adding to the package the Hovertrax 2.0 has a cruising speed of 8+ mph with silent 350W motors to do all the work. This hoverboard has a runtime of about 60 minutes of continual use for riders up to 220lbs.

The 36V lithium ion battery pack is quick to charge and is made with authentic LG cells allowing you to extend your ride to its full potential.

With LED’s to top off the look this hoverboard is a great runner up when it comes to safety, overall performance, and something that you can use as a new way of transportation!

  • Great starter hoverboard (beginner friendly)
  • Created by the leading company in electric recreational products
  • Has replaceable battery
  • Competable pricing
  • Top speed is 6mph while most others are 7+
  • Warranty lasts only 90 days

3. LAMBORGHINI TwoDots Hoverboard – Best Brand

30 Second Overview

  • Top speed: 9.3mph
  • Travel distance: ~9.3miles/charge
  • Motors: 400W
  • Charge time: 3.5 hrs
  • Safety Features: UL2272 Certified
  • Wheel Size: 8.5 inches
  • Max Load: 264lbs
  • Rating:

In Depth Review

A hoverboard made by Lamborghini?! Yep and it comes packed full of features. Lamborghini’s TwoDots hoverboard is safety packed. Apart from being UL 2272 certified this hoverboard has gone through hundreds of Lamborghini regulated electrical tests to ensure the safety of its riders. Its tests tested their patented multi-layered protection and other materials including high-temperature resistance and fire retardance.

Apart from its safety features this smooth riding “Lamborgini” has 8.5″ high-quality rubber tires, and can travel through mud, grass, pavement and more with weights ranging from 33lbs to 264lbs.

To top it all off this hoverboard comes with a built-in wireless speaker with bluetooth 4.0 technology and a smart app to allow adjustments to riding modes and much more!

  • Licensed by Lamborghini
  • Control functions via an app
  • Built in Bluetooth speakers
  • Slightly more expensive then competitors

2. Swagtron Swagboard Vibe T580 Hoverboard – Best For The Buck

Maybe you are looking for something similar to Lamborghini’s hoverboard but for a lower sum of cash? Well in that case Swagtron’s Vibe T580 is your runner up. This hoverboard passes all the UL tests just as the Lambo and has many similar features as well!

This hoverboard can be controlled via an app allowing you to switch between 3 different driving modes, access maps, check batters, play music, and more.

At full speed this hoverboard has the capacity of doing 7.5mpg with a weight range from 44lbs-220lbs. Before riding just charge this hoverboard for 2 hours and enjoy up to 8 miles of riding before having to charge again.

The tires come at 6.5″ and the battery is a 29.4V LI-ION multi-cell battery. This combined with 200W dual motors will give you a new exiting way to travel while enjoying some cool beats and living your life!

1. SEGWAY miniPRO Hoverboard – Best Control

Segway’s miniPro Hoverboard is known for its extensive safety features and a no brainier when looking for a safe new way to travel around town! Like any good hoverboard this Segway hoverboard is UL 2272 certified. Straight off the bat that is a great sign as Underwriters Labratories (UL) only certifies a few boards which pass their standards and meet their expectations of safety.

Apart from safety one key big difference that really makes this hoverboard pop out is the use of “aircraft grade” materials. It uses a magnesium alloy for the frame making it both lightweight and durable. This durability can also be seen in their shock absorbent 10.5″ pneumatic air-filled tires that allow for driving in just about any terrain.

This hoverboard can carry up to 220lbs allowing for most humans to ride it even with payloads such as backpacks and bags on! Segway’s hoverboard comes with a padded knee shaft which allows more accurate steering, more stabilization, and more fun.

Finally to top everything off the miniPRO will limit the max speed to 4.3 mph until you complete the New Rider Tutorial, then will allow you to travel at up to 10mph at a 12.5 mile range.


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