These days it is absolutely crucial to carry around a backpack. Whether it be for school, for work, or just to travel. We need backpacks but the problem arises when we need to choose which ones to buy. Some are too expensive, others too cheap, that is why we compiled a list of the top 10 best backpacks in 2019 that not only fit student and travel needs, but actually won’t end up eating up your wallet!

For our selection today we will be looking at a wide variety of backpacks ranging from tactical anti-theft backpacks useful when traveling around, all the way to traditional classics that give off a classy vibe.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Volher Ultimate Travel Backpack

If there was one backpack that checked all the boxes of being an all in one backpack it would have to be Volher’s Ultimate Travel backpack. This backpack is perfect for school with its wide veriety of pockets and slots. Pockets include a laptop sleeve with the ability to hold a 15.6″ laptop, spacious packing room for mice, calculators, chargers, and more. The backpack is sturdy and built to last featuring water resistant polyester with solid metal zippers. A USB port as well as a headphone jack come built inside to allow the comfort of charging and listening to music at once.

This backpack can serve both in the professional world, your outdoor activities, and your schooling when need be. It’s the backpack of your dreams when you need something, that can do everything.

Best Traveler Bag: Mancro Anti-Theft Backpack

With an elegant design the Mancro Waterproof Anti-Theft Backpack is the perfect choice when you need something to travel with. It is made from water resistant polyester fabric also featuring a built-in charging cable and over 10 compartments to store your travel needs in. To top it off this bag includes a lock allowing you to lock your valuables inside without worry of possible theft.

All in all its the perfect choice if you are looking to spend less then $50 and are in need of a travel pack soon!

Best For Students: Della Gao Laptop Backpack

The next backpack on our list is the students choice backpack when it comes to school. This backpack is made from high quality shockproof polyester making it breathable, comfortable, and durable. Everything you need on a day to day school basis. It includes over 20 independent pockets to fit all your possible school needs and tops it all off with night light reflective tape for all the late night studies on campus.

This bag is a no brainier if you are a student and looking for an affordable bag that will do what its made to do!

Best Casual Pick: Vaschy Classic Water Resistant Backpack

If you are looking for a more casual vibe then Vashy’s Classic Backpack is the way to go. It holds a vintage design with a spacious interior capable of holding laptops up to 15″. Some more pro’s of this pack would include large leather laced zippers for easy grip and pull, a fully padded back panel for comfort and long use, and water resistant material.

Overall a great choice if you are looking for something more on the vintage casual size but still want to have plenty of room for all your belongings.

Best Minimalist Bag: Tzowla Travel Backpack

So you want something sleek, simple, yet able to hold most of your belongings? Well the Tzowla Travel bag is by far our best pick if that sounds like you! It includes a minimalist design but is packed with a bunch of secret features for you to use to your advantage. To name a few it includes a fixed password lock with convenient USB and headphone ports built right in. Have a laptop larger then 15″? No problem, this backpack is capable of fitting laptops up to 15.6″ while still allowing for all your books, traveling accessories, or whatever you wish to carry around!

Whether you are addicted to the minimalist lifestyle or enjoy the secret features this backpack has to offer it definitely is a bargain for only $31.99.

Best Value: Sosoon Classy Business Backpack

Looking for the best bang for your buck? Well in that case Sosoon’s Classy Business Backpack is the way to go. It has everything you would need and expect from a backpack but at a fraction of the price. This backpack not only comes at the low price of $21.99 but manages to maintain the quality of some bags worth hundreds. It contains a total of 5 pockets plus 2 side pockets giving you enough room in the main compartment to carry all your daily needs.

Also featuring a USB port and headphone port this affordable choice is bound to satisfy your needs at a fraction of the price.

Best Vintage Pick: Modoker Rucksack Backpack

Striving for the absolute vintage look? Well look no further as Modoker’s Rucksack Backpack has you covered! It features an attractive vintage look spacious enough to fit a 15.6″ laptop as well as much more in its 10+ pockets. This backpack is made using durable canvas fabric and leather which both contribute to its look and the overall quality of this pack. It has reinforced adjustable straps and just as many backpacks these days includes a USB charging port to modernize it for day to day use.

As a whole this backpack looks amazing, is built with quality, and will work both to give off your vintage classy vibe and hold your gear for your next big mission!

Best Practical Backpack: AmazonBasics Sport Backpack

Maybe you just need a backpack made by Amazon themselves which works for travel, works for school, and works for all your business endeavors. Amazons sports backpack is made out of 100% polyester and is the best by far when it comes to needing a backpack that can do everything. It includes a main pocket doubling as a soft-lined laptop sleeve, small padded pockets for cell phones or sunglasses and two side water bottle holders.

It’s simple, it fulfills its purpose, and it ranks as the best practical backpack on our list!

Best Sports Backpack: Nike Hayward 2.0 Backpack

Do you play a lot of sports yet want something that doubles into a travel/school bag when necessary? Well in that case Nike has you covered with their Hayward 2.0 Backpack. Not only is this bag listed as Amazon’s choice for sports bags but it has plenty of things to back it up. It is made out of 100% durable polyester weaving in a dense patters for longevity of the bag. As most bags this backpack has adjustable straps and a large storage for all your belongings.

Finally to top it off this backpack includes a haul loop that can be used to carry additional items such as sports gear, sweaters, and more.

Best Seller: Matein Travel Laptop Backpack

If you are looking for a solid backpack being backed up with over 5,000 customer reviews then Matein’s Travel Laptop Backpack is for you! It is currently ranked #1 for Amazons Laptop Backpacks and for the price is definitely worth it! This backpack can fit laptops up to 15.6″ has loads of storage for books, travel accessories, and much more. The comfortable airflow design allows breath-ability and the ability to wear this pack for hours on.

If you are looking for a backpack that can do it all and has the reviews to back it up, you officially have to look no further!

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