So you are looking for the coolest Calcium slogans I suppose? Maybe for you next science project or maybe just for fun? If you are not already familiar with Calcium, Calcium is a chemical element with the symbol Ca and atomic number 20. It is a soft gray alkaline earth metal as well as the fifth most abundant element by mass in our earth’s crust. 

Below you will find 72 unique Calcium slogans that you can use for marketing, advertising of Calcium. These slogans are also perfect for school science projects and different chemistry assignments that you may run into. They can also be useful for learning more about Calcium and the different properties it contains.

With that said, let’s get started!


  1. It’s all about 20
  2. Calcium binds us together
  3. Don’t Starve Your Bones!
  4. Calcium works like magic to help your bones
  5. Number 20 on the charts but number one for your bone
  6. Calcium, the 5th most abundant element in Earth’s crust
  7. Soothe your tummy with calcium stomach antacids
  8. You can’t stand without Calcium
  9. Calcium protects with coral and shell
  10. Calcium Supports!
  11. Support Your Bones They Support You!
  12. Calcium carbonate helps with heartburn
  13. Skeleton is all calcium
  14. Go for milk for Calcium
  15. Calx or Calcium, both are same
  16. It’s Calcium time baby
  17. Calcium Deficiency will kill your efficiency
  18. Calcium Keeps Bones Strong
  19. Go far with Calcium
  20. Calcium is elementary
  21. Sanfaustino The calcium water
  22. Calcium, good friends with many other elements
  23. Beautiful pearls is mostly calcium
  24. Calcium supports teeth growth
  25. Metallic calcium is NOT food
  26. Calcium Everywhere
  27. Boario Our daily source of calcium
  28. Calcium tarnishes with air
  29. Clean with Calcium
  30. Calcium the alkaline earth metal
  31. No Calcium? No way
  32. Calcium, Agent 20
  33. Bones get harder with it
  34. Calcium, a healthier choice
  35. Gotta Have Calcium for Healthy Bones And Teeth!
  36. Stand with Calcium
  37. Calcium MOOVES Me!
  38. Stay strong with Calcium
  39. Calcium: It does a body good
  40. Enough calcium is good for the bone, but too much will cause kidney stone
  41. Growing bones need calcium
  42. Got Calcium?
  43. Calcium builds strong bones, but not alone!
  44. Calcium is essential for all living
  45. We all need Calcium
  46. Calcium Inside
  47. Calcium, busy reacting and rarely free by itself
  48. Ca Ca Calcium!
  49. Calcium is fundamental
  50. Hey Pal, Calcium?
  51. Calcium gives you energy
  52. Get hard with Calcium
  53. Calcium, the thirst most abundant metal in Earth’s crust
  54. Calcium does the body good
  55. Cows put the Ca in CALCIUM
  56. Calcium: Get Boned!
  57. Calcium since 1808
  58. I’m lovin Calcium
  59. At atomic number 20 it’ll build bones a plenty
  60. Calcium, as a building material is lime
  61. Support your bones today, they will support you tomorrow
  62. Calcium reacts with water
  63. Calcium, absorb it with Vitamin D
  64. Dairylea A good source of calcium
  65. Calcium, it’s in the Gypsum
  66. Build statues with calcium or so called Plaster!
  67. Calcium, Strengthening bones and teeth
  68. Lack of Calcium = Broken Bones
  69. Bone To Be Wild? Then You Need Calcium!
  70. It’s got calcium, but it’s still water
  71. Write with Calcium as chalk
  72. Is Calcium in You?

Calcium History

Calcium was discovered in England by Humphry Davy in 1808 in London.

In a lecture that he changed into giving to the Royal Society in June 1808, Davy described his experiments that yr, which produced tiny quantities of steel, at excellent. He could not discover any way to provide extra calcium metal until a letter from Jöns Berzelius in Stockholm pointed him inside the proper route.

Davy learned that Berzelius and Magnus Pontin had used a battery to decompose calcium oxide at a mercury electrode and they had received an amalgam of mercury and calcium. (Berzelius, the notable Swedish chemist, exchanged a superb deal of records with Davy. He had in advance found out from Davy that potassium could be dissolved in mercury to shape an amalgam. Berzelius had extended the method.)

Davy made a paste of slaked lime [calcium oxide, slightly moistened to form calcium hydroxide] and red oxide of mercury [mercury (II) oxide].

He made a melancholy in the paste and positioned approximately three-five grams of mercury metal there to behave as an electrode. Platinum changed into used because the counter electrode. Davy accomplished the test beneath naptha (a liquid hydrocarbon underneath which he had discovered he may want to correctly store potassium and sodium).

When energy was passed via the paste, a calcium-mercury amalgam shaped at the mercury electrode. Davy eliminated the mercury via distillation to reveal a new detail: calcium. Davy used the same method to isolate strontium, barium, and magnesium. He named the metallic calcium due to its occurrence in calx.

Interesting Facts about Calcium

  • The most abundant of the metal elements in the human body is calcium. The average human body holds about 1 kg or 2 lb of calcium, 99% of that is in the bones and teeth. Only oxygen, carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen are greater abundant in our our bodies than calcium.
  • Calcium not only builds the systems that help our bodies, many of us additionally stay in homes built the usage of structural concrete or cement made with lime (calcium oxide). Snails and lots of shellfish use every other calcium compound – calcium carbonate – to construct their personal houses as well – their shells.
  • Modern human beings were not the first human beings to make use of calcium to build things. Egypt’s pyramids were built by the usage of limestone blocks. Limestone is crystalline calcium carbonate. In the later pyramids, the blocks have been held together with gypsum or lime primarily based mortar. Gypsum is calcium sulfate dihydrate and lime is calcium oxide.
  • Have you ever desired to be ‘in the limelight?’ Lime is calcium oxide, which produces a terrific, excessive light while burnt in an oxyhydrogen flame.


Looks like you made it to the end! Hopefully by this point you have found one, two, three or more calcium slogans that you like and will consider using in your next project or marketing efforts! Calcium is used in many things and is overall an awesome element to study, and learn more from. If you enjoyed this article please feel free to share it with your family, friends, and peers and checkout the rest of our website for extra slogans and more!

Also if you feel that we missed some slogans for calcium make sure to drop them down in the comments below and we will make sure to add them to our list.

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