So you are looking for a catchy boron slogan to use for your next school project? No problemo we got you covered! With our list of 38 slogans for boron you are sure to find one that fits the need you are looking for. These slogans are great for school projects, ideas for your next science project. Or heck anything to do with boron really! 

Boron is used for many things, just to mention a few would be as a necessary nutrient, used for anti-inflammatory medication, as a rocket fuel igniter, in fireworks, and many more chemically ignited creations! 

With that said, feel free to take a look below at our favorite boron slogans and continue reading to get some history about boron and more! Who knows maybe we can just convince you to not only read more about this cool element but start implementing it into your own life! 

Shall we begin? 

Boron Slogans

1. Boron it

2. Pour on boron!!

3. Boron Nonstop

4. Boron’s no moron.

5. Boron, go for it

6. It’s Boron time

7. Boron – Too much will blacken your leaf tips.

8. Boron only

9. Boron is NOT boring.

10. Light as a feather! My symbol is B! Right at the top of Group IIIB!

11. Borax Boron

12. Boron Disinfects.

13. Boron – was used in Borax Cleanser!

14. Pure Boron is Dark!

15. Boron – forget the rest

16. Not a moron, boron is more useful than it sounds.

17. Boron! It’s out of this world!

18. Boron – it is not just for breakfast anymore.

19. Be Boron

20. The age of Boron

21. Boron carbide, your nontoxic green fireworks!

22. Boron, essential but not fully understood!

23. The spirit of Boron

24. Boron for all

25. Boron 10 shielding capture neutron for you!

26. Build your core on a nice stack of boron.

27. Let’s Boron

28. Amorphous boron is The Rocket Fuel Igniter.

29. Don’t be a moron, vote for boron!?

30. Aaahh Boron

31. Do the Boron

32. Do it with Boron

33. Boron, good for ladies with menstrual cramps.

34. Boron! It’s more than eye-wash!

35. Boron – Just a little is Good, too much will hurt you!

36. Boron since 1808

37. Don’t be a moron, everyone loves boron.

38. World class Boron

Boron History

So you want to know a little more about boron’s history? Well starting off the first mentioning of boron compounds can be identified in a book by Persian alchemist Rhazes (c. 865-c. 925). Rhazes decided to classify minerals into six classes, and as you probably guessed, one of which was the boraces, which consisted of borax.    

As widely used at that time borax was common material used by craftsman and artists at that time. As it is used in the reduction of melting points, it was used in the creation of glass for house-smiths as well as with artists all around.

The English chemist Humphry Davy in 1808 was working on a method to remove boron from its compounds and had successfully succeeded in doing so. 

The news of his success made its way all the way to France, where emperor Napoleon Bonaparte grew concerned about the scientific reputation of his country. This led him to purchase and construct larger and better equipment for his scientist. This equipment was then used by two French chemists, Louis Jacques Thênard (1777-1857) and Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac (1778-1850) to find new ways of separating boron from its compunds.    

They ended up succeeding by heating boracic acid (also known as boric acid) with potassium metal to produce impure boron. Thênard and Gay-Lussac were given credit for discovering the new element.

Since then boron has been in use for a variety of things, including in rockets as an ignition source, in pyrotechnics and flares to produce a green color.

Boron Health Benefits

There are many health benefits of boron when it comes to humans and animals. At a safe intake one great example would be how boron affects the growth! Yes you heard that right! Boron actually will help you grow faster when taken correctly! Read more about that on CropNutritions website.

Boron is also commonly found in drinking water but that will definitely depend on the area the water is sourced from. Some areas are more rich in boron while others maybe not. 

Boron is also very beneficial for your bones and joints. If we take a look at past and even some recent studies we learn that boron is essential for your bones and joints by helping your body metabolize important minerals such as calcium. 

In the past the best practice for acquiring boron would have been through the simple principle of eating but now days boron can be purchased in pill form and taken just as any vitamin! Of course, proper research should be done if you are considering purchasing and consuming boron but as studies have shown it is very beneficial when taken at the right dosages.

Here are 12 surprising benefits you probably didn’t know about boron!

  1. It improves brain functionality
  2. Reduces Osteoarthritis Symptoms
  3. Prevents and Treats Yeast Infections with Boric Acid
  4. Helps Metabolize Insulin
  5. Helps with Kidney Stones
  6. Supports Metabolic Processes
  7. Protects Against Oxidative Stress
  8. Prevents Vitamin D Deficiency
  9. May Increase Estrogen Levels
  10. Possibility to Increase Testosterone
  11. May Prevent Cancer
  12. Supports Bone Density


Whatever your use for a boron slogan may be, we for sure hope that this article helped you out and your new science project will rock all grades with an awesome element such as boron! Apart from that, we hope that you got a little something from all the different boron facts and historical details surrounding this cool element. And as you probably know by now, boron is packed with many beneficial properties that make it a great element for studying, doing projects on, and incorporating into your life! 

If you have any suggestions on new slogans for boron please feel free to use our contact us form and shoot us a message with any slogans or ideas! Or, even easier, just plop a comment down below and we might just add it to the list!

Until next time, thank you for reading!

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